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Pet Fracture Treatment at Crossroads Animal Clinic

The treatment procedures for the pet bone fracture at the Crossroads Animal Clinic are aimed at providing long term healing effects. The experts at the center can deal with many types of fractures. Open fractures usually have wounds on the skin surface. In some cases you will be able to see the fractured bone through these wounds. The other type of fracture is the closed one. The damage is internal and no visible signs are there at the external surface. Any injury to the joints, ligaments and other connective bones can cause the forced displacement away of bones from their original location. This is called dislocation. The other type is called sprain where in the part of ligament gets stretched beyond the limits of tolerance.

Crossroads Animal Clinic – Open Fractures Treatment

The experts at the Crossroads Animal Clinic are experienced in handling all types of open fractures. They follow the guidelines of pet orthopedics perfectly to the core. If the pain due to the open wounds to beyond the tolerance limits of the pets, they can apply the local anesthesia to kill the pain and keep the pet at rest.

  • Bone Reset: – In many of the cases of open fracture it is possible to rest the broken parts of the bones back in order. The experts use the latest orthopedic equipment for doing it. Then they bandage the wounded part and let the broken bones grow. At the same time they administer medicines and shots to heal the external wounds. This procedure takes time to heal. But the expert procedures adopted by the Crossroads Animal Clinic can help heal the wounds and set the bones back in one piece.
  • Surgical procedures: – in case of closed fractures the experts at the Crossroads Animal Clinic might choose to go for surgical procedures. LASER surgery can help set the internally broken bones in order. There are many other surgical procedures followed by the experts which can heal the fractures in the right manner within the specific period of time. In all such cases the vets take the proper treatment measures in the post surgical period to heal the internal wounds and set the bones in place.
  • Therapeutic procedures: – The application of therapeutic procedures at the Crossroads Animal Clinic is aimed at setting the dislocated bones back in their original position. They can be time consuming since the procedures on non invasive in nature. That means the experts use some of the most advanced therapy equipment for this purpose. The experience and the expertise of the pet orthopedic specialists at the Crossroads Animal Clinic have helped in solving many of the most complex cases of bone dislocation in the past. They use their experience in the diagnosis stages to determine the exact nature of therapeutic procedures to be followed for each case. Once they have determined the exact methods to be followed, the rest of the therapy becomes easy and fast. The best methods applied by the Crossroads Animal Clinic experts provide long term solutions to the pet fracture problems without any side effects.